Subtle Atmospheres

by Moses Rubin

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"Subtle Atmospheres" podría definirse como un "estreno culminante" o, en su defecto, como el "punto final de un comienzo". Así, este LP, además de ser el primer "largo" de Moses Rubin, viene a ser la culminación de un proceso que ha consistido en meses de planificación, duro trabajo, mucha actividad y quebraderos de cabeza. No exentos, eso sí, de la ilusión que me ha acompañado durante el primer año de andadura de este proyecto, desde que este naciera durante mi retiro en Leeds, al norte de Inglaterra.

Este disco lo componen ocho atmósferas sutiles de lo que me gusta calificar como "pop clásico", que no vienen a ser otra cosa que la historia de mi vida reciente. Algo que, para un todavía veinteañero como yo, supongo que es muy significativo. De esta forma, todo cuanto podréis escuchar aquí es una suerte de síntesis de lo que me ha ocurrido desde que la melodía de "D Woman" se colará en mi cabeza una gélida tarde de Noviembre de 2008 con apenas 17 años hasta que finalicé "Friday" en una vieja libreta, tras comenzar a escribirla en Leeds hace tan solo unos meses. Se trata de una selección hecha con mimo y desde la distancia, madurada al son de la experiencia de todos estos años.

No obstante, este LP no hubiera sido posible sin un sinfín de personas que han creído en mi y en lo que hago tanto o más que yo, como mi queridísima Cecilia, mi familia, mis mecenas en Verkami o los productores, músicos y amigos que se han implicado para que esto saliese adelante.

ENGLISH: "Subtle Atmospheres" could be defined as a "culminating premiere" or otherwise as "the final point of a beginning". Thus, this LP is not only the first Moses Rubin's record but also the zenith of a process that has taken months of planning, hardwork, lots of activity, and headaches. However, not without the eagerness that has accompanied me through the first year of this project, since it was born in Leeds, in the north of England.

This record is made up of eight "subtle atmospheres, which can be classified as "classic pop" and that are no other thing but the history of my recent life, which, I guess is significative as long as I am in my twenties. That said, all you can listen here is nothing but a sort of synthesis of what has happened to me since D Woman's melody came to my head on a cold November evening in 2008, when I was 17 years old, and until I finished Friday on an old notebook after having started it some months ago in Leeds. It is a compilation made with care and from the distance, matured to the sound of my experience through all these years.

Nevertheless, this LP would have never been possible without those that have believed in me and in what I do more or as much as I do such as my beloved Cecilia, my family, my patrons in Verkami or the producers, friends and musicians that have been involved in this project to make it real.


released October 20, 2016

Songs written by Moses Rubin
Produced by Ramiro Nieto and Martí Perarnau
Mastering by Studio Schoenrock
Recorded at Estudios Reno and el Invernadero between February and March 2016

Moses Rubin: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead vocals, baking vocals, magic harp
David Velasco: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Rodrigo García: Bass
Lete G. Moreno: Drums
Sergio Valdehíta: Piano, Rhodes and Hammond
Ramiro Nieto: Percussion and backing vocals
Martí Perarnau: Mellotron on "Steppin' Stones"
Germán Salto: Backing vocals on "Friday"


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Moses Rubin Leeds, UK

Moses Rubin is born from the northern winds that have brought me back to my homeland carrying a rucksack full of songs, experiences, eagerness and the necessity of going it alone in what is my first adventure as a solo artist.

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Track Name: Steppin' Stones

I’ve been alone for all this lifetime
Now, that I just trust on her
She’s gone before the music started
Still there were great things to share

The echoes shined through dust and ashes
Night has never been so fair
You want to cry through walls and suffer
Pretend that you don’t even care

She don’t care ‘bout time
She don’t care ‘bout change
She don’t care ‘bout making some new friends
Leaving steppin’ stones behind

She is never gone, she’s always smiling
Time has never been so cruel
Her spring time whims fell from the corners
To the centre of my room

And what she turned to be
Was nothing more than just perceptions
Of a dream
That’s been frustrated by the causes I’ve been previously advised

She don’t care ‘bout time
She don’t care ‘bout change
She don’t care ‘bout making some new friends
Leaving steppin’ stones behind
Track Name: Friday

Friday is finally here
Bringing its subtle atmosphere
Surrounds you, soon you’ll start to see
Wishes soaring sunset
While the horizon looks quite clear

Rhythm at its peak
Footsteps grabbing miles, grey cobblestones beneath
Crumbling skies of rose smoke
Left there by the ladies
As the evidence of warm

Evening has made her vision neat
Amber lights around suggest your getaway from here
Elude your worries; chase it all
Morning is far now
And jazz will bring you dawn

Get lost and dream
Close your eyes
Forget clock’s scorn
While the night’s reborn
Delve into Friday night once more
Track Name: Halfway Through

Once you let me in
Then you pulled me out
Many usual things did happen
Love was loosing ground
I gently waited
You rudely spoke

Then you filled my hand
There you knocked me down
Wasn’t really hard to notice
That you’d lost your crown
And springtime melted
Behind your veil

I did try to work it out
What about…
What about you?
Would you tell me something else?
Something that’s preferably true

I’ve now paved my way
‘Cross lavender fields
May appear simplistic
But Marianne knows how I feel
And I’ve found shelter
Within her breast

We’re always on the road
Tesco’s meal in hand
Rarely playing within the boundaries
Of our changing plans
With miles behind us
And days ahead

I’ve been trying to figure out
If what I’ve found has something from you
But I won’t get stuck this time
I won’t resign halfway through
Track Name: The Rain

I did choose and nearly loose
But I rather changed my hue
To the drenching grey skies and the puddle zoo
Such a northern point of view

With the rain

Days were gone behind a bar
Always someone bossing around
Often watching ladies as they sipped their wine
While I felt like nothing there was mine

But the rain

Loosing time and loosing touch
Expectations, frozen bows
People asking questions ‘bout a changing smell
While the freedom potion kindly fell

It's the rain
The rain, yeah
The rain

Nothing changes, nothing lasts
Such a parenthetical past
Often jumping fences, never yielding at
Some offences that may be washed

By the rain
The rain, yeah
The rain
Track Name: Shiny Coloured Waistcoat

I can’t remember how
I sat down in that room
Of multicolour shining
The night was open wide
You scrawled upstairs
And waited for me there, smiling

The helicopter sounded
And so your wooden floor
Outside our bench being pounded
At home Marine Corps landed
Inside your velvet bed
The country singer glances

I’ve never been so sure
I didn’t find it real
‘Cause everywhere I looked I couldn’t find my fears

Your familiar face
So many yearning’s fate
Your shinning coloured waistcoat
Enlighten streets ‘round here
Don’t mind you’re arriving late
My only aim is to deserve you

I’ve grown and so I’ve learnt
We couldn’t stop our time
It’s hard and so
I choose to be here by your side

And now I’m sitting here
You might not see me now
But I’m so close behind you
For every time I’ll be
Despite you’re miles away
It would be so hard without you

We've been away from home
We've been away so far
We've been away before the road starts
Track Name: Surreal Deal

Flashing down the highway
Where I’m sure you’ve never been
Passing your supporters
In their floats and limousines
Following your footsteps in the opposite way
Rushing so the wind ruffles my soul

Facing your chameleon-like dress
Which tends infinite
Untouchable amber topaz
The corsairs can’t resist
They step the starving tapestry that surrounds your wilderness
While escaping from the dinosaur at dawn

Creeping down the alley
Proletarian side of town
Some kind of Art Garfunkel
At the bathroom with his frown
Gatsby’s apparition at the hall, roses in the hand
Inappropriate questions pricking soft
Track Name: Look Back

Look back, many thing have changed over the years
You fell kinda strange as if you were not here

Look back, you don’t even know what she’s thinking
You don’t even know what she needs

You’ve found someone and you really need protection
She stands pretty taking care of your street

She knows every little moment what you’re thinking
She knows how to stay just by your feet

Look back, things can go around and move in circles
At last, only what’s important does remain
Track Name: D Woman

D woman never understands
And so she’ll never hold your hand
D woman is everything she wants to be

D woman has to much to say
And there she has a place to play
For her is to much so hard to stay

D woman is leaving by the door
She wont need you anymore
D woman never leaves the floor

You’ll find her letters at the gate
She’ll have you waiting there till late
There are no more photographs to take

She wrote my story, played my show
She told me everything I know
But you wont see me anymore around her

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